Although compared to last year, in the total smartphone market in India, there was a decline in shipments in the third quarter of 2018, but Xiamy continues to grow in a healthy upward trend in the country. According to the latest Canalis report, the Chinese managed to sell more than 12 million smartphones in the giant country, Q3 saw an annual increase of 31.5 percent in 2018. To remember, the company had sold 9.2 million smartphones in Q3 2017. In the total smartphone market in India last year 40.8 million smartphones were sent to Q3, which was 40.4 million smartphones sent in Q3 this year.

Q3 201.18 12.1 million units were sent in the Xiamme 29.8 percent market share. The second coming Samsung is in the 9.3 million shipments and 23 percent market share. South Korean giant saw a fall in stock, last year in Q3, Samsung managed to get 9.4 million shipments and participate in 23.1 percent market share.

Vivo saw steady annual growth of 12 million percent of 4.5 million shipments and 11.1 percent market share. Q3 In 2017, Vivo managed to ship 4 million units and participate in 9.8 percent market share. Oppo came in fourth with 3.6 million shipments, the annual shipment would fall 24 percent. It has been said in the report that the decline of the vendor has partially reached 2% due to the strong performance of its secondary brand ‘Realmay’, which has managed to send 80,000 units in Q3 2018.

Micromax surprised the top five vendors in Q3 2018 with 2.6 million shipments – which was giving 6.3 percent share from 3.9 percent in the same quarter last year. This increased in the quarterly quarterly growth of 61.5 percent with five times more smartphone shipping in the quarter. It has been said in recent years that it is Micromax’s best performance in recent years, and Chhattisgarh is credited with the order of the government, where it offers smartphone and live connectivity to Rs. 2,510 to 5 million women and college students. Counterpoint’s Q3 2018 report has kept it in the top five with a 9 percent stake.

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