Washington: Scientists have developed what can be the world’s fastest camera, which can capture 10 trillion frames per second – making it possible to ‘freeze time’ to see the light in slow motion.

According to the scientists of the California Institute of Technology, the advance can provide insights into the known secrets about light and matter between the substance.

Using current imaging techniques, the measurements made with ultrashort laser pulses should be repeated several times, which is suitable for some types of passive samples, but impossible for other delicate people. Setting a world record for real-time imaging speed, a camera named T-CoP can power a new generation of the microscope for biomedical, content science and other applications.

This camera represents a fundamental change, which makes it possible to analyze the interaction between light and matter at a unique temporary resolution. For the first time the camera was used, in real time, the same lady grabbed the temporary focus of the second laser pulse and broke the new ground. During the research, Coil Engineer Juan Liang said, “This is an achievement in itself, but we already see the potential for speed up to a quarter frame per second.”


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