Google wants to ‘kill’ Android

NEW DELHI: About tech giant Google, it is said that he has been working on a new operating system named Fukia for the last two to three years. Hopefully, the new operating system will replace the company’s existing Android operating system. It has been suggested that the company will replace the Android and Chrome operating system with its new OS. Google’s aim is to launch an operating system that will work on devices like smartphones, laptops, smart speakers, and more.

It is also expected that the company will first introduce the new OS with the smartphone after the smartphone speaker. Google has been for a while since the company is not telling any information about the operating system. However, now a new development about the same has emerged online. Google has hired a former MacOS veteran from Apple, and with this recruit, the company aims to bring the Futian operating system to market.
Bill Stevenson, an engineer who has worked with Apple for the past 14 years, will now work with Google. They will join the company in February this year. In the LinkedIn Post, he mentioned, “I am excited to share that in February, I will join Google to help bring a new operating system called Fukia in the market.”
As told by 9to5Google, Stevenson began working on Apple as a product release engineer for OS X in 2004. He also played an important role in releasing every OS from Lion to Moza. He also worked with Apple’s third-party developers and other software and hardware teams.
A previous report has shown that Google will need three more years to launch a smart speaker based on Fukiya and after that, it will require an additional two years to bring it to smartphones and laptops. The company has started the process of changing the Android operating system in the long run. Recently, another report suggested that the Android app will also run on Fukia.


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