Sun Microsystems

NEW DELHI: For people familiar with the history of technology, it will not be surprised to know that Apple has an old past. There was a time – now it is difficult to imagine – when Apple was not doing well and many mistakes were made by the company, However, there was a time when Apple was almost bought by Sun Microsystems. Yes, Sun Microsystems. Now some of you – young generation – Sun Microsystems can be surprised, who? But there was a time – to be a little accurate in the 90’s – when Sun Microsystems was a technical back through and was considered one of the biggest names in the industry.

According to a report of Culofoam, about 22 years ago in 1996, there were many rumors of Sun Microsystems, who were ready to buy Apple for $ 3.89 billion. Apple then left behind Steve Jobs in terms of affairs. Jobs had left the company in difficult circumstances a few years ago and Apple’s product was not really setting the world’s height.
In fact, this was not the first time Apple and Sun Microsystems came together. Custom’s report says that in 1990 it was suggested that the two companies came very close to the merger.
But it was not until 1996 when Apple was on the brink of taking possession by Sun Microsystems. It was rumored that an agreement was agreed on and the CEO of Sun Microsystems, Scott McNallyley, would be the head of both companies. However, just before the deal was formalized, Apple announced a major loss to $ 69 million, due to which the deal broke.
A few months later Jobs returned to Apple and the rest, as they say, is history. There was a great change for Apple in the jobs and things went down too much for Sun Microsystems because it became a victim of the infamous dot-com bubble. Sun Microsystems was eventually purchased by Oracle in 2009.

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