WhatsApp may have to shut operations in India

A top executive of the company here on Wednesday said that some government rules are threatening to come to the whispered for social media companies working in India.

With more than 200 million monthly active users, India is the world’s largest market of Whatsapp. At the global level, there are over 1.5 billion users of the platform.

Whats Communications, Carl Karl Vogue of Whats Communications told IANS, “From the proposed regulations, which concerns us the most, emphasize the message.”

Facebook’s proprietary WhatsSave provides end-to-end encryption by default, which means that only senders and recipients can view messages in vogue – even WhatsApp. Without this feature, Woog explained, WhatsApp would be a completely new product.

Vogue said, “The proposed changes are going overboard and do not conform to strong privacy security, which people around the world are seeking,” Vogue said, who worked as a spokeswoman for the Barack Obama Administration in America.

He said, “Considering the end-to-end encryption, the regulations will require us to reproduce our product,” he said, in such a scenario, the message service will not be present in its current form.

In the event of the introduction of the new rules, without denying the possibility of leaving India’s market, Vogue told IANS, “It will not help in estimating what is going to come. The process is “.

End-to-end encryption feature makes law enforcement officials difficult to find the culprit behind the wrong information campaign. But social media platforms are required to follow a proper diligence process to prevent misinformation in the rules of the proposed IT ministry and to prevent the use of their services to incite violence.

Last year, about a dozen Liking incidents in the country, the Fake, which was related to the rumors spread over WhatsApp, Facebook’s proprietary messaging service introduced several new measures, including limiting the number of messages, Users who can send up to 5 and can appoint. For the first time, a country head for the organization.

“We ban almost two million suspicious accounts every month, while about 20 percent of accounts are banned at the time of registration, more than 70 percent of spam accounts are banned without the recent user report,” Vogue he said.

“These efforts are particularly important during the elections where some groups can try to send a message,” said Whatsapp.

The accounts marked by users by taking advantage of the in-app “report” feature are reviewed by a team of human workers. When a person reports an account, the WhatsApp team can see the last few messages in the chat.

Whatsapp said that he was applying more critics with competence in regional languages ​​in India before the Lok Sabha elections.

While addressing one of the major demands from the government, Whatsapp said, “As part of our establishment of an operation in India, we have identified a complaint officer, who can be contacted directly if a user has his / her WhatsApp There is concern about the experience and she is unable to report it. Through other channels ”

WhatsApp may have to shut operations in India

WhatsApp may have to shut operations in India

WhatsApp may have to shut operations in India


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