Websites across the world may shutdown

Online media has been shocked by reports that in the coming 48 hours, millions of users across the globe can lose access to the Internet. According to the reports, the alert for ‘Global Internet shutdown’ came from the Internet Corporation of the names and numbers assigned (ICANN). It is said that the decompression cryptographic key is triggered by a planned rollout to change sometimes before the key, which helps protect the Domain Name System (DNS) on October 11.

Gadgets have now come in contact with one of India’s Cyber ​​Security Experts, Venkatanarayan Anand talked about how serious this ‘internet outage’ really is. Here’s what they have said and you need to know about upgrading the ‘key’ of important web servers:

– The deployment was done on October 11 and could affect some websites globally.

– ICANN has asked its Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to upgrade their software, which solves the website name in digital code and directs the traffic to the correct server.

– A reshuffle changes the website name to a numerical form, which contains the code and server addresses of the particular website. When you search for a website, the modem gets transmitted in the resolver.

Also, the cryptographic key required to access the security system of the website names called Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) has been updated.

ICANN estimates that more than 99% of users with systems that are validating DNSSSEC will be unaffected by rollover.

What the specialist says:

“The word outage is not perfect. Interference is a better word because only those DNS resolutions that are not ready to use the new key will fail to resolve the hostnames on the IP address. The more publicized 1-year window Meaning, few of them are Gadgets. Now Anand said, “The use of the word outage is an extraordinary and nothing else.”

Talking about the smartphone application using the Internet to operate, he said, “Smartphones generally use the resolver in the telecommunications network. The carrier will ideally update its resolution to recognize the new key If interference if it is present at all, will be restricted to the old network and will not be in the telecommunications network. “


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