While most top smartphone-makers are aiming to launch their 5G-devices this year hoping that users will choose their handsets as and when 5G connectivity launches, there is a brand that has already started researching on ‘6G’ – LG. The South Korean smartphone maker has announced that it has placed a dedicated research center in Yuseong District of Daejeon, South Korea for 6G network technology.
This doesn’t mean that LG is already working on 6G connectivity-supporting smartphone, However, this does give it a head start (sort of) in the market. The company has collaborated with Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology for 6G
[Translated] “The establishment of the 6G research center, we will strengthen the next-generation mobile communications technology to lead global standardization and secure new business creation opportunities,” said Park II-Pyong, Chief Technology Officer, LG Electronics.
Meanwhile, LG is focusing on its first ever 5G smartphone in the market. The firm has already announced that it will be showcasing the device during MWC 2019 conference at CCIB (Center de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona) in Barcelona, ​​Spain.
In addition to this, the South Korean tech said that it is already in talks with major mobile operators in Korea, North America and Europe, which is some of the countries that will be the launch of 5G services sooner than others The firm last year said that it will be supplying its 5G smartphone to Sprint, one of the US-based telecom giants in the first half of 2019.
LG says that the 5G-supported smartphone will run the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and will have ‘vapor chamber’ tech to dissipate the heat more quickly. The battery of the handset in question has also been increased to 4000mAh capacity as 5G smartphones will have more battery while capturing and sending data over the 5G network


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