Before launching the new Galaxy M series – Galaxy M10 and M20– Smartphones in India, Samsung have launched its new processor Exynos 7904 in the Exynos 7 series. The new Exynos 7904 processor is expected to grow the power of both the Galaxy M10 and M20 smartphones.
Samsung claims that the new processor provides advanced multimedia support which allows high-end features in mid-range smartphones. Samsung India’s senior director of sales and marketing, senior director Rajeev Sethi said, “The Xinos 7 Series 7904 will enable the advanced mobile experience of wide range with triple-camera support, power performance and connectivity.”
New Exynos 7904’s Image Signal Processor (ISP) supports single-camera resolution up to 32MP and advanced triple-camera setup. In a triple-lens camera setup, the third camera in a smartphone can take picturesque pictures with wide angles or can add a Bokeh effect to the beautiful blur in shots of portrait or better scenes. The new mobile processor supports up to 120 frames per second (FPS) or at 25fps at UHD for video playback, and faster to FHD + display.

The Samsung Xinos 7904 processor is built on the 14-nanometer (nm) process, it is equipped with two Cortex A73 cores which are connected to 1.8-GHz (GHz), and six Cortex A53 Core at 1.6 GHz. Embedded LTE modem supports Cat.12 3-carrier aggregation (CA) for clink speed for 600-magnet-per-second (Mbps).
Samsung is ready to launch its new India-specific Galaxy M series smartphone in the country on January 28. Prior to the launch of Galaxy M10 and M20 smartphones, prices have leaked. Samsung Galaxy M10 will come in the top two RAM and storage options and can be launched at an initial price of Rs 8,990. Both the Galaxy M10 and M20 will be made in India. Smartphones and sources have shown that the Galaxy M20 can be launched at an initial price of Rs 12,990.
Both smartphones – Galaxy M10 and M20 will have a water drop, which likes Samsung, otherwise, ‘Infinity V’ likes to call the display. While Samsung has not officially provided any information about the M-series phones, industry sources say that Samsung has some big plans this year. That’s because in 2019 the Galaxy brand is the year of the tenth anniversary and the company has a special strategy for the budget and mid-range market, especially in India.

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