PUBG Mobile Zombies

The PUBG Mobile Zombies mode release date is on February 19th as part of the update of 0.11.0. Maintenance for the game will be one day before February 18. In addition to this, the PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Plus Subscription along with the UC conversion feature from BC will abandon this PUBG mobile update, which looks polite in a zombie mode zombies mode which is a temporary inclusion for the game. What’s more, the G63C gun cannot be added in this update, but it can be available while killing bots in decentral snow map.

All these details come from serial PUBG mobile leakster Mr. Ghost Gaming. I have said that PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 update, in which the corpse will be between February 15 and 20 February, and this proves the last piece of information. However, they have also warned that Tencent has not yet made an official announcement and therefore it can change. Would it be interesting to see if this case has been given that Mr. Ghost Gaming had a solid track record in the past? Here’s what I can do with PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 as well as zombies mode.

PUBG Mobile Lash Mode 0.11.0 Update
Tukshai to Sanhok Map
New snow field in Arangel map
New dynamic weather in Miramar and Arangel map
The new Death Cam feature shows you how you died
Zombies mode
Mk 47 mutant rifle
Laser eyesight for arms
Snow biking for Vicki New Dance Emotions
Classic Voices
PUBG Vendée ice map removed from beta
That said, in the 0.11.0 update, PUBG has a cure for playing zombie mode as we have found in the beta. More often than not, we resorted to the PUBG Mobile Squad feature, which makes pairing with three other players to increase the probability of our existence. It is due to a squad of four, it is very easy to kill hard monsters like a dictator, who can suffer a great deal in our experience.

At the same time, being a friendly player, it becomes easy for opportunistic human opponents to keep an eye on us, who are looking for us to kill those who were distracted by the corpse.

This combination of PUBG’s fight to gel well with the shooting of the gameplay, booty, and Resident Evil 2 of Royale Gameplay mechanics. The speed of the game feels busy despite your small player count, which has to be more careful than your surroundings due to the many dangers in play.

When it finally hits all the devices at the end, this mode will be worth checking with friends, perhaps end up unmuting other players so they can better coordinate.

PUBG Mobile Zombies

PUBG Mobile Zombies

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