PUBG Mobile Vikendi Snow Map Download

Pubg Mobile now has a decent snow map, and it is available for both Android and iOS. It adheres to the PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 update, which was life earlier this week, which added support for Wikipedia. The developer recently fixed a graphics quality before the release of the new map. Keep in mind that you can not play on the PUBG Mobile Wiki Ice Map yet. The developer is giving LightSpid and Quantum players a day to download maps before opening matchmaking 24 hours later. It is quite generous because the PUBG Mobile Vendée Ice Map Download Size is 134.2 MB on Android and iOS. The timing of the Pub Mobile Weekend Ice Map is on December 21 at 5:30. The developer has also recently revealed that Pub Mobile has hit 200 million download milestones, and has 30 million daily active players.

In addition to adding support for the new Maps, PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 update brings some interesting features such as firearm finish upgrade system. This gives players new cosmetic items such as the effect of killing and the display of death fragments. Viqandi’s arrival in Pub-mobile has made it the second platform to get maps after the Pub Pc developer. PUG Corp has announced that it was beating steam on December 19th. A hotfix for PUJ Mobile was available for download only.

Also, see that PUBG Mobile Update brings the graphics quality fixes before the decent Snow Map release
Update Pub Mobile Vendetta Hotfix Notes

A bug was fixed where ‘Ultra’ frame rate setting in HD mode was not available on the iPad 2018.
Fixed a resolution detection bug on iPad Pro 12.9 “.
Fixed a bug where some devices had reduced graphics quality.
A bug has been fixed where after the restart the graphics quality is reset to the default.
A bug has been fixed where the sound from the left channel is stronger than the right channel when another player is running on your right side.

The tenant said in a statement that Pub Mobile now has 30 million daily active users and 200 million downloads. China is not included in this number and only shows how popular Pub Mobile is popular around the world. This game has a big player base in India and many other markets, and the fact is that PUBG Mobile also runs smoothly on low-end Android devices, which has definitely boosted its popularity.

However, 200 million download numbers do not paint the exact picture of how many people play the game. Daily active users should see a metric to gauge the popularity of PUBG Mobile and even that number is very high.

Thanks to being on Android (also on iOS), according to the PBS Mobile Sensor Tower, Asia and China dominate the United States, the United States has only made 30 percent of Pub’s revenue. Pub mobile on Android is very popular in those markets where there are not many PCs or Console like India. Here many people use an Android device as their primary computing device and add to the popularity of the game.

PUBG is actively adding new features to the game both on Android and iOS. We have said earlier that the game is better on mobile than PC and console.

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