PUBG Mobile Update 0.9.0

PUBG Mobile Update 0.9.0 has a laundry list of night modes for Irangel Maps, a new spectreter mode, many Halloween-themed environments, ‘movie’ picture styles, weapons improvements, vehicles, mixing and performance changes. And new in-app purchases include customizable organization and redesigned Roial Pass Pass Classic Pages. Update a release release date of PUBG Mobile 0.9.0 25 October.

In a document that was posted on the Official Discord Channel of the game, the PUBG Mobile Developer Tenant Games said that the Irgele map would now be “randomly alternate between day and night in classic mode”. Night Vision Goggles, new buildings, covers, and more trees are also coming in the arena.

With new spectrator mode in PUBG Mobile, players are able to see opponents after hitting. And with the Halloween around the corner, Spaw Island has been given a themed change that includes Pumpkin and Candy, the enemy killed by the Helfier-AKM will become scary, and after a grenade closure there is a scary face. The main menu also updated with Halloween theme and background music.

Tencent Games PUBG is also adding a ‘movie’ picture style to mobile settings, although no detail has been provided in this or it looks like this. Talking about the settings, players can now turn on a toggle that they have to quickly switch between scoops, adjust game brightness, or customize buttons for some assets.

The convenience of the new customizable organizations in the in-app purchase will allow PUBG to select the colors and logos before purchasing the mobile user, because the redesigned Royale pass page will refer to it as “Weekly Science and Weekly Politics More convenient contributions to “.

After all, one of the performance improvements notes that this is a solution to “solve time problems with players from other players facing away”, which some players believe there are many complaints with Pub Mobile Update 0.8.0 .

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