Pubg Mobile Game Banned In India

The Battleground of PUBG or PlayerUnogn has certainly become a very popular mobile game in India, and some colleges may have banned the game, reports that the Bombay High Court has considered the game to be fake.

According to a report of Gadgets 360, a bogus notice claimed that PUBG has been banned by the Bombay High Court, turning around on social media platform like Facebook etc. For this reason, this restriction is allegedly wrong because PUBG is causing a very fuss and clearly to spoil the lives of students.

Of course, many of the mobile games can be considered nuisance by that logic, but there are many grammatical errors to be true in the so-called order. For starters, the spelling of magistrates is completely wrong. In addition, as gadgets 360 indicates that the designation one has been signed by Srinivasulu, the designation is preapproved.

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There is no such designation in the Indian High Courts, one has been nominated the judge of only one High Court. Or there are judges of the district court in the lower courts of India. Designation prejudice is a clear indication that it is fake.

In addition, the order seems to have been issued by ‘Center for Governance’ and ‘Legal notices’ are mentioned in it when this word is actually a legal notice. It is also a claim that we all know that some countries have taken action to ban this game, which is grammatically incorrect and seems vague for the actual legal decision.

Also, there is not a judge named Srinivasulu, near the Bombay High Court bench. Visiting the Bombay High Court’s website, there is a list of all the sitting judges in the court, and this name is not on the list.

So yes, those of you who were worried that PUBG has been banned in the state of Maharashtra or worse all over India, you can rest assured that it is not so. Of course, unless your college chooses to ban the hostel game, which is a possibility.
PUBG has become very popular in India and other global markets. Tencent Corporation is behind the hit game, which recently revealed that this game has more than 200 million downloads on the global level and 30 million daily active players.

In August, the company announced that PUBG Mobile has exceeded 100 million downloads on iOS and Android platforms jointly within four months of its launch.

It is the Royal Royal Games available on PCs, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and mobile platforms. In it, a total of 100 players enter the battleground where they will have to fight till death and the last person standing will be declared the winner.


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