PUBG Corporation on Tuesday announced the patch notes for latest update for PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS. This update brings the much-awaited new Sanhok map to users on both platforms, apart from several customisable pick-up settings, achievements, clans, anti-cheating measures, progress missions, Royale Pass, and more. Having previously announced that all servers of PUBG Mobile would be taken offline for maintenance after the update, Tencent has now configer that maintenance is complete and the server is back online for gamers to resume their PUBG matches.


he update will be available for users starting September 12. The new Sanhok map can be downloaded independently, and comes with new in-game weapons and vehicles. These include the new Flare Gun, an automatic rifle called QBZ, a shotgun attachment Duckbill, a 4-seater Muscle Car, and another 4-seater Bulletproof UAZ. The Sanhok map is one-fourth the size of Erangel or Miramar, but still features 100 players per match.


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