Pixel 3 Camera

Pixel 3 Camera,Google has introduced new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL smartphones in New York, and both devices come with a new upgrade to camera upgrades, Google lens support and a new AR sticker mode called Playground. This mode brings more powerful AR experience, allowing users to snap photos and selfies with text in additional animated characters or frames. The playground brings Playmoji – a lot of animated characters who respond with each other. The playground works both back cameras and self-made, making the users creative and adding fun superhero play modes to your photos and videos. In addition, Google lenses get a new lens suggestion feature on the new pixel smartphone, and a new shortcut is available to improve the experience.

The new pixel equipment has a playground mode that suggests AI content for users. It allows users to add Playmobil characters, which include animated stickers for superheroes like Iron Man and social drama. It also works in Self Mode so you can play as if you are standing next to your favorite characters, like Iron Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Google notes that new packs for weather, pets, sports, and science have been added to the field of play, and the childish packs of packaged bags come packaged later in the year, and it is used to duplicate the dance steps and moves Will allow.

The playground also supports visual identification, and suggests content based on that scene in which you are. “Are you running your dog? Cooking in the kitchen? Gardening in the backyard? Playground makes use of relevant computer vision and machine learning to recommend relevant Playmoji, to populate the sticker and caption view, “Technical Huge Notes on Your Blog The content you create using Playground can also be shared on social media.

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Google has also improved Google lens experience by adding a feature called Lens Tips. This feature essentially recognizes common tasks by using the main camera, and does not require an internet connection. This business uses a pixel visual core chip to save phone numbers from the card or moves it out of the menu, or sends an email from the flyer. A new shortcut has also been added to launch the lens, and long pressing inside the main camera will move. New phones have recently made the lens more accessible from the app screen. To find it through the lens, simply drag it from the Home button and long-press on the image. This is particularly useful when you see a product while browsing and want to see if it’s available online for shopping.


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