It seems that the largest data leak researcher of 2019 has already been discovered by Troy Hunt. Data leaks, as stated on their website ‘’, contains a massive database of 773 million email IDs and 21% of the passwords. These come as a part of the #Holt #Clelection # 1.
“Collection # 1 is a group of email addresses and passwords, with 2,692,818,238 rows. This is actually made up of many different personal data violations from thousands of different sources, “said Hunt on
They say that many people reached them last week and instructed them that “a large collection of files on the popular cloud service, MEGA (data has been removed from the service since then).” The collection, including 12,000 files, was in 87GB size. .
“However, what I can say is that I have my own personal data and it is accurate; the correct email address and a password I used to have used many years ago,” Hunt confirmed.

You can see if your email id and password are in the hackers list

The researcher has given an easy way through which you can check whether your email id and password has been hacked or not. This is possible because Hunt has integrated the database in the website ‘II Pwned’ (
You can simply go to the website and feed your email ID in the given dialog box.
If it shows “Good news – no pwnage found!” You are good If it shows that “Oh no – pwned!” Quickly change your password before someone else controls your account. You can also check your password in the site whether it has been hacked or not.
Data breach may possibly be one of the largest since Yahoo data breach in 2013 and affecting nearly three billion accounts.

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