Microsoft e-commerce portal

Hyderabad: In the bid to empower handloom weavers in Telangana, Microsoft India announced the launch of a new e-commerce portal on Saturday, which will help to improve the operation of weavers and provide better customer connectivity.
“” will host a signature collection made by weavers communities, and will display traditional designs and products made from natural colors.
“With the introduction of our new e-commerce platform, digital empowerment centers, and new design courses, weavers will be able to build on India’s rich handloom heritage and will reach a broad customer base,” said Anil Bhansali, Managing Director, Microsoft India R & D) said in a statement.
This e-marketplace will help sell a wide group of customers, which will help weavers increase their income and earn a sustainable livelihood, as well as revive the traditional but forgetful Indian art.
Microsoft has partnered with the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) for a special course in ‘CAD and Color for Handloom Weaving’ to provide digital training in handloom design.
Tech veteran is also continuously expanding digital empowerment centers for more weavers in the state.
Bhansali said, “To empower every person and every institution in the mission of Microsoft, we strengthen our organization by using Project Sangam, which uses our Azure-based technology solution and expertise.
The first batch of 100 handloom weavers in NIFT has been provided a certificate to complete the successful design course.

Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, Industry and IT, Telangana said, “These initiatives such as e-commerce marketplace and design training will help the weavers to retain themselves and provide livelihood to artisans.”
“This is also a practical solution for Mo

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