LinkedIn Live Video

With video and live streaming, quickly becoming the next major avenue of the social world online, Twitter is trying to grab a piece of pie from every major name of the domain till Facebook. LinkedIn is among the newest admissions, social media platforms for professionals. The Microsoft-owned company has launched LinkedIn Live, a new service that is primarily targeting video streaming to cover all things from conferences and product announcements to Q & S and hosting other events. That is suited for live video broadcasting.

According to a report by TechCrunch, LinkedIn Live’s rollout has only begun on the invited basis in the United States. The company has planned to expand the availability of LinkedIn Live by accepting registration from people for the purpose of using Live Broadcast facility in the coming weeks. LinkedIn’s official help page says that the company is currently broadcasting live video streaming only with some broadcasters and after the end of the trial period, it will start accepting applications from all users.

LinkedIn Live will reportedly allow users to stream live to a small group of people or viewers linked to the entire LinkedIn community. LinkedIn has partnered with many third-party names such as Switcher Studio, Sosa, and Wowza Media System among others, which will work with Linkedin’s content creators selected which is a live stream content that can be used for professional collaboration and advice platform Is in line with the purpose of. On the technical side, LinkedIn will depend on Azure Media Services for its parent company for live encoding duties.

Talking about the more consolidated efforts of LinkedIn in the field of video content, the company’s product management director, Pete Davis, revealed that the video is one of the most sought after features coming from the community. “Video is the fastest growing format on our platform now, and most likely to talk to people”, Davis was quoted as saying that there is no plan to monetize LinkedIn Live Video in LinkedIn anymore.


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