LG new phone

San Francisco: South Korean Electronics Chief LG Electronics is ready to launch a smartphone with an option for a second-screen attachment.
The smartphone, whose name has not been finalized, will have a case with a display, which will be able to double the size of the screen.

“This is one of the many phones launched in February at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) trade show. While the company is reducing the name of the G8, it is not clear if a multi-screen phone will take the name of its main line, “CNET got late notice on Wednesday.
Earlier, there were reports that LG could unveil a foldable smartphone like its South Korean rival Samsung. However, this device will definitely be a second screen add-on phone.
“It is not clear how the gimmick will work, but it is definitely different at a time when the company could use it separately.
“LG is struggling to stand apart from a rapidly competitive field of smartphone players. While Apple, Huawei and Samsung dominate the sale of high-end phones, and OnePlus and other Chinese manufacturers hit more consumers towards budget , LG has been stuck in strange beach, “the report added.

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