Instagram new feature

In order to reduce the connection of minors to San Francisco, self-harming, provocative and disturbing material on its platform, Instagram has launched the “Sensitivity Screen” feature, which allows suspicious images and video-thumbnails on the app Displays until the viewer is not present. said on Wednesday that the new feature – which has already reached users in India – blocks images of cutting and self-loses, which pop-up in search, recommendations or hashtags and minors Physical can put in danger.
Adam Moser, Chief of the Instagram, announced the rollout of “Sensitivity Screen” in an op-ed written for The Telegraph, which expressed condolences over the suicide of British teenager Molly Russell, whose parents had their daughter Blamed the photo-messaging app to reveal itself. -Material and suicidal content.
“We are not yet where we need to be on the issues of suicide and self-harm. We need to do everything to keep the weakest people safe for our platform,” Moser wrote.
This announcement was announced by UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock for improving security for young people or facing legal action, Instagram-owner Facebook issued a warning to them.
“Already providing help and resources to people searching for such a hashtag, but we are working on more ways to help,” wrote in the op-ed, quoting Mosseri.

The company claims that it is difficult to find ways to find images of self-harm on the app to work with engineers and trained content reviewers.
“On Instagram, nothing is more important to us than the safety of the people of our community, and we do not allow posts that promote or encourage suicide or suicide. To get rid of, we rely heavily on our community, “added Mosseri.
In September 2018, Instagram launched a “quick” facility to stop drug misuse and substance sale on stage.
There are three more options for directing people looking for help against drug abuse for recovery and treatment organizations in the “get help” option.

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