Photo-Sharing App Instagram has got support for GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) in its direct platform today. There is nothing besides the Messenger service on the Instagram Direct app that Instagrammers can communicate privately with each other.

GIF support will be powered by an online database and search engine, which allows users to search on Facebook-owned Whatsapp also. Now you have two ways that you can set two-factor authentication. The first is the ‘text messaging’ option and the second is to use a certification app such as Google Authenticator or Duo Mobile.

Using the ‘Text Message’ Option


GIFs in Direct are available today in the latest version of Instagram for both iOS and Android. If you are wondering how to send GIF to a direct message on Instagram, here is what you need to do:
1.Open Instagram and tap on Direct icon placed on the top right corner
2.Choose a conversation by tapping on the username or group’s name to open the conversation
3.Look for GIF in the Message box at the bottom of the screen
4.Search for appropriate GIFs oy you can swipe left to see the suggested GIFs as well
5.Once you search for a GIF, you will also see a “Random” option that will send a random GIF related to your search

After this rollout, someone can expect that the platform will soon be able to comment in the Instagram post with GIF. This feature is already available on Facebook. This facility was launched for the social networking platform in June 2017. The button appears on both desktop and mobile platforms. The company says that the new GIF button has been prepared to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the GIF format.

Instagram gets Emoji shortcuts for instant comments

After updating your app to the latest version, Instagram users will see the shortcut bar in Emoji, which will give users instant access to comment in Emoji. Recently, Instagram users got a new shortcut bar at Emoji Housing, which gives users instant access to comment in Emoji. As soon as you tap the comment option, this shortcut bar will appear with the keyboard. You can search it above the comments section box. Readers should note that this shortcut bar has recently used emoji and will include 8 emojis. To use other emoji, you should long press the Emoji icon and then you can see them all.

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