Bengaluru: With 37 percent of global outsourcing, Indian IT industry is ready to reach revenue of $ 167 billion for the revenue fiscal 2018-19, on Thursday its top body Nasscom said.

Nasscom’s vice president Keshav R Murugesh said, “Indian IT and Business Process Management (BPM) industry exports, including exports, grew 8 percent year-on-year to $ 167 billion for 2017-19, which was $ 154 billion in fiscal 2017-18. Here at your strategic summit.

Given that the industry is capitalizing on new technologies and re-skilling, Murugesh said that Back Office Segment (BPM) is the world’s largest base, which is 1.2 million employees in the entire country with $ 32.5 billion Generates revenue.

Murugesh said, “Focus is on intelligent operations – process and domain expertise meets with digital technology, the digital sector is the key for digital and client providers, while companies take strategic acquisitions.”

Because digital technologies change businesses again, the industry is innovating to emerge as a center for digital solutions. Some of the companies’ priority is through upscaling, mergers and acquisitions or partnerships for digital, creation of platforms and products, and leveraging centers of excellence in new technologies.

The Summit Summit highlighted how the emergence of emerging technologies for emerging technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Communication, Internet of Materials (IOT) and Beneficial Computing Profitability, Collaboration and Competition Are picking up.

Repeating Murugesh, “It is a regulatory requirement that addressing the key line on data confidentiality and compliance with the EU’s general data protection regulation.”

Adopting technologies such as Blockchain and AI have shown how security, speed, and operational efficiency can be increased.

“It is necessary for any firm to understand how the digital technology from Chatbots to Analytics can provide a real-time picture of customer interaction and the customer can provide satisfaction. The rise of the RPA also offers many opportunities for both organizations and individuals “He added.

With over 17,000 firms across the country, the industry offers many types of services that create skills and capabilities to address new and developing customer demands.

In the past few years, firms have invested in building capabilities around new technologies, and have set up laboratories to deliver digital services to customers.

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