India PC Market Grew

International Data Corp (IDC) said on Wednesday that the traditional PC market in India has increased 20.2 percent in the third quarter of 2018, in which HP is leading the segment with 30.7 percent stake and Dell has 22.9 percent market share, Is in place.

Total India traditional PC market shipment remained 2.71 million units – a healthy 20.2 percent increase quarter-quarter (QoQ) clock.

However, IDC’s “Quarterly Personal Computing Devices Tracker,” said that due to the increase in sales due to GST implementation in the third quarter of last year, it saw a decline of 10.6 percent (yearly basis).

Total shipments of 1.45 million units in the consumer PC market were recorded – which is 33.9 percent more in the previous quarter.

Nishant Bansal, Research Manager, IDDS India, IPDS and PC, said, “The increase in discretionary spending, assisted by consumer funding schemes, has given strong speed to premium devices such as gaming notebooks. Consumers as a result of the procurement season and online sales Expenditure has increased. ”

Total shipments of 1.25 million units were seen in the total commercial PC market, which registers a gradual growth of 7.5 percent.

“Large education projects in states like Odisha, Rajasthan, and Assam increased demand from a public sector perspective, while continuous demand from the SMB (Small and Medium Business) segment, along with fresh purchases from enterprises, helped in the development of the commercial sector. , “Bansal said.

Behind the strong consumer demand in the channel and the execution of state-owned education projects, HP recorded a total growth of 17 percent (quarter).

In the consumer segment, strong channel support and engagement activities enabled the company to grow 25.1 percent in the quarter.

Lenovo finished third with 21.3 percent market share. Consumer PC business increased in strong 63.7 percent (quarter) as the company aggressively concentrated on expanding the online channel and continuing to grow its share in the modern retail sector.

Navkendran Singh, Associate Research Director, Client Devices and IPDS, IDC India, said, “IDC expects that due to the lack of Intel chip and the downturn in the market due to the Diwali recession, the overall India PC market will come down.”

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