How to send text messages using Windows pc

SMS has been one of the biggest casualty of new social media and messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and others. A few years ago one of the most popular communication media, today has to face tough competition. However, there are still times, such as when this old messaging system comes in our defense.

Recently, Google announced the web version of its Android messaging app. Now, Microsoft has updated its Android smartphone companion app for Windows 10, which not only allows users to send, receive, and reply to text messages but share photos, videos and other multimedia content directly on your PC. Does.

wonder how? Here’s a useful usability guide for you:



You must be running the latest build of the Windows 10 operating system.


A USB cable or Wi-Fi connectivity to connect to your smartphone.


Android smartphone ( as of now, this feature only works with Android devices)


Download and install ‘Your Phone app on your PC using Windows app store and Microsoft app on your Android smartphone.

Using ‘Your Phone’ companion app for Wind ows:


Open ‘Your Phone’ app on your PC


Click on ‘Get Started’ button and select ‘Link Phone’ option


Enter your phone number and press the ‘Send’ button to receive the text message from Microsoft


Once you’ve received the text message, tap on the link and download the app from the link using Play Store


Launch the ‘Microsoft Apps’ app and tap on ‘Get Started’ option to start the pairing process


Sign-in using your Microsoft account linked to the PC (if you don’t have one, create a new account)


Allow all the necessary permissions to the app and select ‘Return to Home screen’ option


Now, head back to your PC and click on ‘Messages’ option to start sending and receiving the text messages from your smartphone

Note: This feature is only available for Windows Insider Preview users only.

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