How to get stock market alerts SMS

Awareness is important for those who are in the stock market and need to keep an eye on the stock market. Most people often follow different websites or download apps to receive news and updates related to the stock market. Many times, if it is broadcast on many platforms, then keeping track of all information becomes challenging. For example, if you get notifications from an app or website, then it may be a little confusing. You can find yourself in a place where you can get similar alerts about different stocks. In such a scenario, it is ideal to turn on a good old text format called SMS. We know that SMS is not the most popular medium of communication, yet its own set of advantages.How to get stock market alerts SMS

So, how does one go about it and simplify the process of receiving alerts on time? Here’s a useful usability guide for you:

To do this, first of all, you have to choose the service provider you want to use and save your number to subscribe to their alert services.

Once you solve it, just follow the steps below.


Open any web browser and search for SMS alert ‘service provider’s name’ (SMS alert for NSE India)


Then, click on the official link from the results


Enter your phone number, name and other details to subscribe to the alert successfully


Now, you’ll start receiving all the latest updates

It is one thing to keep in mind that this is a one-time process and if you have activated the DND service on your phone number, you will not receive the update.

Note: Different service providers can have different ways to implement this feature. Be sure to check the necessary fields and information needed to share for subscribing. This is a basic process that is not very time consuming.


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