If there is a game on mobile that can be called the most popular, then it might be PUBG Mobile. It was launched in March and the game has become an event. It has almost eclipsed the popularity of the PC version of the game and has been successful in defeating the mobile version of its biggest rival, FortNite.

But like its PC version, the mobile version of the game is a very demanding game in terms of hardware. And it usually does not run smoothly on lower and mid-end devices. Its performance is not correct on high-end and flagship devices. And fewer FPSs, graphics, and performance affect the game’s experience, and players take a tough time to win. PUBG Mobile has also become a competitive game with so many tournaments.

And we have come in some processes to increase the performance of PUBG Mobile, but since one of these processes leaves the other, we are only showing one. This method essentially uses the other to fix the display problem.
How to get better PUBG mobile performance on Android

The method that we are talking about now only works on Android because iOS does not allow the app to turn background files into it.

1. Install the App GFX Tools from Developer Tsoml from the Google Play Store.

2. Launch one installed app with a complete list of options to get to the menu interface.

How to get better performance and FPS on PUBG Mobile
How to get better performance and FPS on PUBG Mobile

3. Select the correct version of the game from the top, keeping in mind that (GP) indicates the global version which is downloadable from the Google Play Store.

4. Then the resolution comes, and here it has been suggested that the user select the highest resolution supported by their device display.

5. Next comes the graphics, and select ‘Balanced’ for a very optimal display here. Users can select ‘Smooth’ or ‘HD’ depending on the hardware quality of their phones. Remember, selecting high quality will make the phone warm.

6. Next is FPS and almost all the devices come with 60 FPS display and selecting 60 FPS will give best results.

7. As for anti-aliasing, we will ask users with mid buzz and budget smartphones to leave it and disable it. High-end device users can use it and can choose 2X or 4X that they want to smooth the texture.

8. Other options like shadow and GPU optimization can be enabled and disabled as per preference.

9. After selecting settings, select Accept, and then select ‘Run Game’, which will launch the game, and hopefully, you will see the difference.

We should warn users that this app comes with ads and it is from a developer who is not one of the known people. It’s not even the official app and Tencent Games only want to reduce on third-party performance boosters, which can effectively block the app.


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