How to delete Google Plus account

Google has revealed that security disturbances in its social media service revealed the personal data of nearly 500,000 Google Plus users. However, the company claims that any third party companies have not exploited the vulnerability to access user data. Although this security flaw has been identified by Google in March, it was not disclosed by the company.

In response, the search engine giant is now planning to stop its only social media service. But this is not going to happen soon. So if you are concerned about your security and privacy and want to permanently delete your Google+ account, follow our step-by-step guide for us:

Before starting with the process, check whether you have a Google+ account or not. To do this, open Gmail and click on your profile picture in the upper right corner. If your Gmail account is connected to a Google+ account, it will show you ‘Google+ profile’.

Steps to follow:


Open Gmail and login using your credentials


Click on your profile picture at the top-right corner of the screen


It will redirect you to your Google+ profile page


Now, click on the ‘Settings’ option from the left column


Scroll down and look for the option ‘Delete your Google+ profile’ under the ‘Accounts’ section


Enter your password to verify your account


In the next page, scroll and select the options ‘Also unfollow me from anyone I am following in other Google products’ and ‘Required: Yes, I understand that deleting the Google+ profile for (your name) ([email protected]) can’t be undone and the data I delete can’t be restored.


Now, click on the ‘Delete’ button


In the end, you’ll see a confirmation screen and survey, which you are free to ignore.

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