Google Play may soon allow you to pause app subscriptions

With the maximum number of Android users subscribing to paid apps, Google is hoping to issue a way to allow users to stop app subscription. If the app is not in use it will be easy if you need to completely unsubscribe. Instead, only pay paid membership duration when special apps are not in use.

According to the Android Police, Google has no official word yet, recently Google Play Code update has revealed new developments. It’s still unknown whether Google will allow the types of apps to suspend the user and for how long. By saying that if this facility has been introduced, then you can ensure that your membership duration is not wasted if usage is noted. For example, if you have subscribed to an app and went for a foreign holiday, where the special app does not work, you can stop the membership duration instead of wasting the app time during the holidays.

In another new, Google has launched a new feature through which the shared apps on the share-to-peer file sharing platform will be verified by Google Play. Because users share apps and other platforms (especially games) to avoid less mobile internet speeds, more likely to install fake applications. There is no way to check the authenticity of the installed app. Google’s new feature will verify the authenticity of the shared apps and tell users whether the app has been sent from the official Google Play store.

Interestingly, Google has increased this feature in offline installation too. This means that when you install the shared app on Shareit and your device is offline, Google Play will still verify the app source.

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