Google Maps will soon launch a new facility in India that will help people avoid the speed of tickets.
According to a report by Mashable, the US-based Internet search giant has confirmed that Google Maps will show speed cameras in India on its mobile app. According to the report, “Speed ​​cameras will be posted for users of the UK, US, Australia, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, India and Indonesia.” In addition, the US, the UK, and Denmark will obtain the speed limits of the routes that the users take.
Both speed-related features were first seen by the Android Police. According to the screenshots shared by them, the sharp camera will appear on the blue way in the form of orange icons. In some cases, there will also be an audio cue when the user will contact a motion camera. For speed limit, the speed range of the route will be seen using alternate navigation in the lower left corner.

Currently, the latest versions on Android and iOS platforms do not show this fast cameras, but it should be rolled out with updates soon.
Recently, Google launched Auto Rickshaw as a new public transport mode in its Google Maps app on Android devices. Using the feature, travelers will be able to see suggested routes and estimated auto-rickshaw rent in Google Maps. New features can be found in ‘public transport’ and ‘cab’ mode in Google Maps. The results of the auto-rickshaw facility can be seen in the ‘Considerations’ section.
Once the passenger auto-rickshaw is selected as the best option for transportation, he will be able to see the estimated cost and travel traffic information of the trip. To start the journey, just have to tap on ‘Navigate’. The same option can also be accessed on Google Maps via the “cab” mode.
The suggested route maps and fares are based on the official fare model shared by the expected travel route and the Delhi traffic police, the firm said in a press statement.


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