Google deepens partnership with Facebook on AI

While deepening its partnership on the development of San Francisco, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Google AI is integrating Facebook’s Open Source Machine Learning (ML) Piator Framework in its software and hardware tools for development.

PyTorch is a deep learning framework designed for easy and flexible use and Facebook announced Tuesday the release of an updated version of the framework – PyTorch 1.0.

The goal of the new partnership is the goal of working the Purport Framework with Google’s custom computer chips for ML, Dubbed Tensor Processing Units, or TPU,

Google Cloud Product Management Director Rajan Sheth wrote in a blog post on Tuesday, “With today’s release of PETORH 1.0 preview, we are increasing support for Peitrock in Google Cloud AI platforms and services.”

ML developers use many different tools, and Golf has integrated the most popular open source framework in its products and services, including Tensorflow, Piatourch, Psychikit-Lern, and XGBOost.

Sheth said on the blog, “Today, we are happy to announce that the engineers of Google’s TPU team are actively cooperating with the CorePurek developers to connect with CloudTCP actively.”

He said, “The long-term goal is capable of enjoying the simplicity and resilience of Pietroch’s, while benefiting from Cloud TPU performance, scalability and cost-efficiency.”

Facebook said that PETOR 1.0 AI accelerates the workflow involved in doing successful research for production deployment.

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