Google Chrome is ready to add a native dark mode to the Windows desktop. The new development comes when Google was specifically seen to create a dark theme for Chrome browser for MacOS Mojave. With the basic dark mode support, Google Chrome will bring a comfortable web browsing experience on Windows machines especially in low light conditions. This is not the first time when Google has favored a dark mode on its development. The company has already added a dark mode to its various offerings, which include Android and YouTube. Microsoft’s Windows 10 also supports the option to enable a system-wide dark mode for a long time.

A senior chrome engineer and a member of the Chromium team at Reddit thread in Google Chrome unveiled the ongoing development around the native Dark Mode support for the desktop. “For desktops, the support of the original dark mode is in progress; meanwhile, we usually recommend using people [a dark topic”, he said.

As mentioned by, Kasting had submitted a bug report in May last, citing the absence of dark mode on Google Chrome. “Windows 10 allows users to set their app in ‘light’ or ‘dark’ mode,” he said. “Chrome should respect it. The most obvious hack is to use the default incognito color scheme (as well as secret) in normal mode if the system is in dark mode. For a long time, we probably have a better answer. Popular external requests for some time, “he wrote in the bug report.

That first step clearly pushed the team to start progressing towards native dark mode support on Google Chrome for the desktop.

Latest comments on the past at Kiddington confirm that the Chrome team is bringing a dark mode to the desktop. However, they did not give any details about the same experience as progress for mobile devices. “Mobile platforms are different teams, and I do not have visibility there,” he said.

Saying that Google has recently introduced a code change for bringing Dark Mode support in Chrome 73 for MacOS in the coming months. Code change essentially detects the default dark mode on macOS Mojave to replace the browser with a dark treatment. This can be the same way as Mozilla’s Firefox offered a dark topic for MacOS Mojave users.

It is noteworthy that in the last year, the debugging MacOS Mojave, like the Dark Mode, supports Windows 10 anniversary method because the Anniversary update has turned dark since August 2016. However, Google has not shown any interest in bringing a dark mode for Windows users. Some third-party dark themes are available through the Chrome Web Store to reduce the brightness effect.

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