Google Assistant for iOS Gets Siri Shortcuts

The Google Assistant app on iOS is now supported with Siri shortcuts to facilitate accessibility for iOS users.Google Assistant for iOS Gets Siri Shortcuts

To read app details on Apple’s App Store, “We’ve added support for Siri shortcuts to make it easier to access your assistant.”

You can also set Siri shortcuts for phrases that you use often with a helpful, come with a custom voice command for a smart smart action, trigger a Google Assistant Smart Home routine inside Siri, The Verge Told on Tuesday.

“Siri can open auxiliary helper like ‘Goodnight Google’ and can run the routine like closing all your lights and closing the door.”

Users can already add a helpful widget to the iPhone screen, and with the new feature, users can cross the stream and use Siri to connect to a Google helper.

New shortcut integration is available as part of the updated version of Assistant for iOS.

Earlier in May, Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexa introduced the first integration of two intelligent assistants at the “Build 2018” developers conference in Seattle.

Their integration worked with the order: “Alexa, Open Cortana” and while Alexa accepted personal requests, Cortana helped with business needs.

Google Assistant for iOS Gets Siri Shortcuts

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