Fortnite Update hit the 7.30 hit Android, iOS, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC this week. And with this, the skeleton of the Fortnight skull is yet to be disclosed. Although Epic Games is yet to split all the FortNight Skins found in 7.30, which has not prevented the viewers from detecting that you have selected Android Models, Android, and Controller to come out of 60Hz in a week from the Royal Games of War. What can expect the controller support on both? IOS and Nintendo fix a sleeve of the switch, which should face fewer casualty games.

According to Fortnite Insider, these items should appear in the Fortnite Item Shop in the coming weeks. However, it depends on the Epic not to delete the files. The exact release date is currently unknown.

Fortnite 7.30 leek skin list
Prisoner (mythology)
Book (epics)
Spark plug (rare)
Glider skins leaked at Fortnite 7.30
Frozen feathers (rare)
Extra Cheese Back Bling (epic)
Fortnight 7.30 ax head skins
Frozen beak (rare)
Cold heart (rare)
Marshi Smasher (rare)
Squid striker (rare)
Fortnight 7.30 back bling

Scared (rare)
Padlock (mythology)
Trash lid (epic)
Fortnite 7.30 Cosmetics
Wrap the golden cloud (rare)
Marshmallow (rare) spray
According to a post from an Epic Games worker on a Fortnite subreddit, with an update 7.30, there was a group of adaptations for the game on Nintendo’s Hybrid Console. This includes more efficient memory allocation to prevent crashes, an improved texture pool size to reduce blurred texture, as well as a better resolution on the Nintendo switch. While the official release date for Fortnight 7.30 update is yet to be confirmed, it is good to know that Epic Games would like to improve the switch version of the game.

In a post of an employee of Epic Games, it has been written that “things like frame rate and overall performance are things that we are working on constantly optimizing on all platforms.”

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