Fix PUBG Campaign

Player Unknown’s Battleground Development team announced a ‘Fix Pub’ campaign in a post on Friday, in which many improvements were made in terms of client and server performance, matchmaking, anti-cheat system, bug fixes, and quality-quality. Keeping, Life And keeping in mind what has seen in the last few months, the team will give priority to building sustainability and quality on the gameplay and will lead new material in 2019.

Executive producer Task Zhang said, “During our game tour, our main goal was to provide you instant new material during supplement of the Battle Royale gameplay.” “We acknowledge that in this process, we have ignored important issues for you and we have seen a lot on our mistakes. Such things do not only require considerable effort but also to ensure additional It is taken care that the bugs remain stable and do not affect anything else. ”

“Therefore, while designing the 2019 Pub Roadmap, we have changed our direction since last year. Making Stabilization and Quality Now our most important value is, and on that basis, we will build new action royale gameplay and new material. First, it is possible to slow down our construction rhythm, but since these processes become more efficient, we hope to provide new content as fast as before. While maintaining our new stability and quality-the first goal, although we can not say how long it will take, we promise you that we will do our best to reach this stage as soon as possible. ”

“We know there are many things to improve, but we understand that we feel exactly what you want, players need and need, even though this is the end of the Fix Pub campaign. , We will go ahead in our development, improve our processes, and reiterate our efforts with lessons learned. ”

It has not run well below parts of the PUBG community. At a thread on the game’s subtract, users pointed to a long list of bugs that were not fixed and would be surprised if they ever were.

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