Pub or player unknown battlefield is a war royal game where 100 players jump from one plane to an island, gather weapons, weapons and other essential items to survive, and the last standing chicken dinner is available to eat, or In other words, it becomes victorious. The main aspect here should be ideas about the types of weapons used in the game to survive and survive.

This game provides approximately 37 guns and some of them are really good and can be used for its destructive effects. However, in this article, we are going to talk about the guns that you should avoid taking with you. Based on the number of hits to kill their original impact and the enemy. Here are five guns you want to avoid:

1. P18 C
There is a fully automatic pistol with the original loss of P18C3. To kill this pistol, take approximately 3 headsets / 5 chest shot / 5 waist shots. The gun uses a 9 mm bullet in which the speed of the bullet is 375 meters / s.

2. P2 9
P92 is a pistol-type gun in PUBG and provides good stability between fire speed and ammo capacity. The gun uses a 9 mm bullet, which has a basic loss of 35. To kill it, there are about 2 headshot / 3 chest shot / 4 waist shots.

3.Sawed off
This gun is related to the shotgun segment in the game which can be a good option as a pistol option. However, with the original loss of 20, the game also offers fewer losses than the pistol. The one seen to kill an enemy will take 4 to 8 hits and therefore we recommend you avoid this gun.

4. S686
This game is another shotgun in which there is a basic loss of 24 and it works only in small borders. It takes some time to reload the gun and you can take it to your grave in the game. From the smallest extent, S686 will take approximately 3-4 hits and 5-6 hits to enter the chest and head of your enemy.

5. SK 12
With the strength of basic damage 22, SK 12 provides nothing more than your punch. SK 12 is a semi-automatic shotgun but there is a decrease in the range. However, in close combat, sometimes you can help survive at the beginning of the game, but for a long time, it is a big loss for the players.

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