Battlelong’s Battleground, also called PUBG, has emerged as the biggest game of 2018 with more than 200 million players worldwide. This game became a sensation when it got support for a mobile version and new features and maps like Vicente Snow Map. Gaming is addictive and once you start playing PUBG, you know that you are accustomed to addiction and are addicted to the game. PUBG has proven to increase the vigilance of a user, as the game involves other decisions that divide the user, so there may also be some adverse effects.

A report of the UN has claimed that a fitness trainer in Jammu started harming himself and then the popular battle ended in the hospital due to the addition of the Royal game. This is six such cases in Jammu. The fitness trainer reportedly got addicted to the game by playing online during the ten-day period and after completing an affair, they started killing themselves and were injured. As a result of the action, he was admitted to the hospital.

A doctor treating them said, “At the moment the patient is unstable and has lost his mental balance.” The doctor also said that while fitness trainer is able to identify people, his brain is not very conscious and still by PUBG The game is being affected. Due to such incidents, the locals in Jammu and Kashmir have asked Governor Satya Pal Malik to receive such “life-threatening” online games in the state and country.

In December last year, China’s online gaming ethics review committee reviewed 20 sports “Ethics Risk”, and nine of these games were banned. Fortnite and PUBG are reportedly included in the restricted games, and the Chinese authority has suggested corrective action for the remaining 11 games. It is necessary to see if Jammu and Kashmir Governor bans the game while citing health risks.

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