The first patch game for Fallout 76 is about as big as on the console: 48 GB on both PS4 and Xbox One And the patch has basically replaced most of the original files because the patch has made some changes to the file size after the installation has ended. The PC player is much better at 15 GB. To verify that you have a patch, see version number on PS4, on Xbox One and on PC. Bethesda says that the Fall 76 patch improves performance and stability, and many bugs fix.

Players were complaining about the bug since the beta launch, and in the last game, besides being poorly received by critics, there were issues with some of these issues. According to detailed patch notes, gameplay hits have been solved, game clients and savers are now more stable, and some menus on Xbox One behave better than before. In reference to the bug fixes, Bethesda has addressed the launch of the environment, in-game camera, graphics, enemies and booty, blueprints, plans, and repairs, and tourism exploration bureaus.

In addition, there are several fixes for Cap Awards for “Sequence Change” after the PVP of 76 including the Pestiest mode, and the active hostile situation and the relief. Bethesda has also set several font displays, hotkeys and social issues: Korean fonts are displayed correctly, “take a photo” hotkey cannot be remapped, “take snapshot” button show the right hotkey, and players now Menus will not disappear from each other’s social networks.

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