New Delhi: Facebook has asked for more time to determine that users in India were affected by the hacking, which affected more than 50 million accounts worldwide.

The social networking company told the government that it is still investigating the matter – looking for the compromised accounts – and is trying to detect the extent of data leakage, a government official said

ET reported last week that the Ministry of Electronics and IT (METE) has asked Facebook to measure the impact on its users, hackers have been associated with 50 million accounts and third-party applications.

A government official apprised the matter, Facebook has sent two emails to the government so far on this matter. The official said, “They have said that what data was provided to them, clarity is required on this and they will keep us updated,” the company said that it is working on the analysis and has asked for more time to investigate.

In light of the violation, Facebook informed law enforcement authorities in the United States and informed the violation of the Irish Data Protection Authority, but not in India, which is its biggest market by users.

MEATY has launched an investigation for the first time on October 1.

In the latest Facebook infringement, the attackers exploited vulnerabilities in the ‘View es’ feature, allowing users to see how their profiles look to others. Facebook has fixed the vulnerability and has started an investigation. A spokesman said, “We are in touch with the Government of India for sharing the initial information about the security issue declared on September 28. We have taken immediate action and informed all our users, advertisers and secured their accounts. is.” “We are still working through the details of affected users in India and will complete more information after completing our investigation.”

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