Facebook had announced a major redesign during its annual developer conference F8 in its popular Messenger app last May. Since then, the company is gradually making changes around the world. Facebook Messenger is a popular app that uses a large number of people on social networks to communicate with their friends and family. Facebook had promised a dark mode in its messenger app last year and it seems that the company is now testing it in many countries.

Famous app turned expert Zen Manchun Wong tweeted that Facebook has started testing Dark Mode within the Messenger app, but only in some countries. Wong also said that the new Dark Mode is not available everywhere yet and Facebook issues ‘Work in Progress’ warning in the app for the same reason.

Earlier, Wong was able to activate the feature and later tweeted the Screenshots of Messenger’s upcoming Dark Mode. As expected, it turns white background colors into black and turns text into white. However, as Facebook has said in its warning, there are some subtle details that are still white.

In October of last year, Facebook launched a new version of its messenger app. The complete idea behind the redesign was simple to simplify the app and chat for its users, make video calls, and more.

Facebook has not disclosed that she is currently testing the new Dark Mode in Messenger. If your country is currently supported for testing, this feature is available in Messenger under the ‘M’ section. The warning message issued during the feature enabled also makes it clear that Facebook is still putting ‘Finishing touch’ on dark mode.

This is not the first time when Facebook Messenger users are getting dark mode. Earlier in September last year, some users had said that they had received Dark Mode in the Messenger app.

With Facebook reportedly testing again in the new Dark Mode, it does not appear that the final version is too far away. People who chat for hours on the Messenger app can appreciate Dark Mode because it becomes slightly easier on the eyes. Facebook Messenger currently has over 1.3 billion monthly users worldwide.


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