Facebook new version of Messenger

San Francisco: Facebook has redesigned its messaging app – Messenger with a new interface, and updates can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices through Google Play and App Store.
In May 2018, for the first time, the redesign was announced at Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference, which talked about simplifying the chat feature and once again to put a front and center message.

Notable features of the readies include compiling nine of its nine tabs in just three, presenting more Whatsapp for the interface, and hidden buttons for games, bots and reminder functions on the chatbox, The Verge reported on Friday.
After its announcement in May, Redesign entered a long rollout period in October.
The report says that the company says that it may take some time for updates.
Messenger was launched to send messages to each other for Facebook users, while they browse through the social media app on the desktop and in 2014 it was released as a personal mobile app.

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