Between several disputes surrounding Tesla CEO Alan Musk, there has been some good news for investors and employees of the electric car company because the technology billionaire has now said that the company is close to achieving profits.

In an email to Tesla employees, Musk said that if the staff can put pressure on Sunday, then the company may be closer to achieving “epic victories” on production goals, CNBC said.

The message of Tesla Boss can bring some excitement to the workers, because in the past few weeks there was a lot of trouble for Musk, who agreed to leave the company as chairman of the company for three years on Saturday and imposed a $ 20 million fine on the deal. US stock market regulatory authority, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), to resolve the allegations of securities fraud.

The SEC announced the deal on Saturday – two days after the lawsuit was filed in the federal court for misusing the investor on Twitter, two days after Tusla took over 420 dollars in private ownership Was thinking.

According to the SEC’s complaint, the misleading Tweets of Musk made Tesla’s share price rise more than six percent on August 7, and there was a significant drop in market interruption.

However, in two emails – 28 September and second September 30 – Musk encouraged employees to “ignore deviations” and said that the company was close to “proving Nissan wrong”, said in CNBC’s report.

Musk said that “To win beyond all expectations, Tesla will have to go out on production” on Sunday “, which marks the end of the quarter.

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