New Delhi: State-run telecom BSNL has signed an agreement with Nokia which will detect the level of pollution among the worrisome warnings and warn the concerned offices about spoiling smart poles. “We have signed an agreement with Nokia to jointly market and deploy smart poles across the country, these smart poles are capable of detecting pollution levels and alert the concerned office for timely action. It will also understand the level of pollution in the air, where the stubble burns, “BSNL Chairman and Managing Director Anupam Srivastava said that India Mobile Congress Told in

Air quality deteriorated in the national capital on Friday, gradually increasing towards ‘severe’ category, because smokers continued in parts of the heavy Bhlswa landfill site.

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) recorded the total air quality index of Delhi at 358 hours this morning, which falls in the ‘very poor’ category.

Air pollution in Delhi is also held responsible for burning in neighboring states.

Srivastava said that BSNL initially bought 50 smart poles from Nokia for 46 lakhs units. These smart poles will also work as mobile towers, wifi hotspots, street lighting and surveillance.

Srivastava said, “Both BSNL and Nokia are in talks with municipal bodies for deployment of smart poles, we are looking at the deployment of these poles.”

On this occasion, BSNL has signed an agreement to explore possibilities for setting up an indigenous secure network jointly with Vihen Networks Limited (VNL), a telecommunication gear manufacturer grown from home, such as snooping, illegal tapping, etc.

Srivastava said, “To protect the data from external threats, there is an urgent need for a secure communication network. We hope to work closely with VNL and develop a technologically strong security system, Will protect from danger. “

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