Anthem game

If you were hoping that the Anthem frame rate would be better on Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro, then think again. According to a report of the prestigious Video Game Tech Analysis Site Digital Foundry, the EA response for Division 2 and Destiny 2 is far from stellar on Xbox One X. Considering that Microsoft has tied up with EA to promote the game and Xbox Corporate Vice President Mike Ybarra has said that Anthem will play best on Xbox One X. Leading up to the date of release of Anthem on February 22 (unless you’re EA Access or Origin Access or Origin Access Premier Subscriber), there are two demos for the game.

While the first demo was under the host of many issues, which were not working as it should be for an endless loading screen, the second anthem was very stable. Among them, the Digital Foundry was able to judge how well the game moves.

“Setting the console’s [PS4 Pro] video output mode to 1080p reduces the matching of native rendering, and unlocking, the sound almost always gets more than 35fps – often with a few margins. Of the iterations, this is what I like most. Most of them, “the report said.

“Yes, there is a big drop in resolution and considering the choice, I will lock 30fps by using this mode offer (an option which will really benefit the Anthith), but if you prefer 1800-30, or 35 at 20-30fps Between -50fps to 1080p, it’s a no-brainer – the game works better at just a higher frame-rate, even if it still does not look especially smooth or compatible. The full HD output of PS4 Pro is the most Makes it easy to read fast firefights .: You get a more visual response and low latency. ”

Considering Xbox One X, no output options are given in its display settings or display mode in the game, it ends at maximum 30fps with the following droplet.

Bioware will not have 60fps on the upcoming shared-world shooter PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. Lead maker Marc Gamble confirmed that the game’s frame rate would not be 60fps at 1080p, although the studio might decide to include it later as an option. Instead of its performance, the main focus is on Anthem’s graphics, and Gamble has confirmed that it will run at 30fps in 4K resolution, although it is clear that it can not be stable at 30fps at this time.

Anthem game

Anthem game

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