The Fortnight Battles Royale players can now start playing a new holiday-themed event in the game. The 14 days of the Fortnight program has now begun in Battle Royale and Save the World Game mode. This means that now you can use the Snowball Launcher weapon in the game (which changes the grenade launcher for two weeks) or hide within the legendary Bush in Fortnight. There is also a festival theme for the Battle Bus, where all the players start playing, where they start playing, where they start the game before the paradox from the island.

The Fortnight program was announced earlier, and at that time the calculation of its player was also leaked. At Fortnight, there are approximately 16.2 million players in Europe and Australia alone on PS4, which are considering that the game is available on Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS. Each day in this Fortnight program is a new challenge with a free reward, and new and returning LTM (limited time mode).

There are also holiday organizations for those who want to show a celebration inside the game. There will also be new enemies in Save the World mode, and you can make a team against holidays husks on a winter map while reading an epic game statement. After all, every day a new holiday-themed search will be done and once you complete them, you can earn snuffle tickets for use at Fortnight Store. The store will have two free items – Upgrade Lama Pinata will be free for two weeks, and Smorgasbord Lama will be free for a few days around December 25.

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